Thursday, July 8

yes, i do know that feeling.

i am completely smote, smited, and smitten. whichever you prefer. i'm still completely overwhelmed, at times. the idea that i could meet someone so much like who i want, and so much like who i need is breathtaking.
then, when i look further into it, and it feels like i already know him, when i see his photos. when i see pictures of him, and cant stop looking, because he's so real to me? that's not breathtaking. that's.. earthshaking.

it's hard for me to put it right, and put it in a way that won't be scary. i inadvertantly smile, whenever he crosses my mind.. i think that sums it up.

That is the absolute opposite of scary. Unbelieveable, maybe, but not scary.


Unbelieveable. Maybe unexpected would be a better word. The kind of thing that happens when you least expect it. That is just one of the many things that makes it great. Just one of the many things.

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