Thursday, July 8

Responce to last post:

That is such a warm, great thing to think about. It is hard, and there are those times throughout the day that I look over or think something and wish I could easily share - away from this. I think the hard part makes it even stronger though. If you can connect this way, from this far, it's saying something about the next connection and what could be in store. I remember that everytime I think about hearing you breathe or listening to you talk, or reading a thought you posted. It makes it even more worthwhile.

(me)you're right.. if it had been the way it usually happens, right from the start, what are the chances that we wouldn't have been too overwhelmed to actually act on anything?

I wonder about that, but I think this is the way it was meant to be. I love that, "meant to be"'s brings about a feeling that is hard to describe. Close to amazement or awe, maybe.

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