Friday, July 9


i don't think i talk enough about sex. i think i hold back on it, because it's something that's important to me, but it's not something i talk about, because it's also special to me. i think that by not talking about it, i give people the wrong impression about me. i think that because i feel like i give this wrong impression, this i'm-not-sexual impression, i have to stick with it, otherwise i'll make that person think that i've been fooling them the whole time. and then my sexual experiences turn into crap, because i've turned it all around on myself. i love sex, or i know that i would, if i was honest about it, but i've never been open enough about it to make it better for me. i'm not ashamed of sex, exactly, it's just that i've given it some sacred stance that people can't easily get to, and because of that, i don't feel like i should be expressing myself as a sexual person, and because of that, i have crap sex. that probably makes very little sense to anybody.

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