Tuesday, July 6

Anticipation vs. Immediate Gratification

we sat there for a long time, waiting, it was the sunday after the big weekend bashes.. of course everyone was eating breakfast at perkins at noon. it stood to reason that we'd have to wait. we didn't expect our waitress (Dorla, Hah!) to bring over that porta-table thing that they use to serve your food upon so early.. and we waited longer with it sitting there than we had without it. it made us all extremely bitter. lisa said, "I remember in high school, i had to write an essay on 'Anticipation vs. Immediate Gratification'.. right now, i'm seriously re-thinking my choice. i'd like to go back, and rewrite the essay, and send it to Mr. Wimmer, wherever he is, along with an explanation of why Immediate Gratification is so much better."

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