Wednesday, July 7

Roll Over

i can't believe i slept all night long. actually slightly disappointed, lol. it is so nice. that's as much of that sentance i can get out right now, but i mean it. practically everything right now.

almost everything would be easier if i could just roll over. but i'm not sure that that's the way it's meant to be: easy. most people struggle through these stages (these things whizzing past for me? they're called stages), and this isn't any different. it's just that ours are actually easier to deal with. we're learning, too, about each other. those difficult places you see other people going through is just that.. only it's done in person, and it's not as readily accepted by the other person. we don't have that "not as readily accepted" thing going on, so life had to make it hard for us, somehow.

i wake up in the morning and want to know how you felt when you woke up. i go to sleep at night, only knowing that you're about to fall asleep as well. i think i was dangerously close again, but you know.. until further notice, some things should be assumed. i've always said that people who leap too far without meeting are being awfully silly. and while i'm not thinking i'm silly at all.. i hate to be a hypocrite. mostly because i sound silly in the end.

sour? i'm almost hungry.

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