Wednesday, July 7

mom is slowly giving everything cool that i own to robby. he's got the alarm clock i've been looking for for years (the best alarm clock ever made), my operation pajama pants (this one's a hunch, but i've got a feeling it's the truth), and NOW he's reclaimed my zebra print rug. the one i begged and begged for when i turned 19, so i could put it in my dorm room. he claimed it at the end of that year, and i've had it for less than a year again, and when i walked upstairs on saturday, i noticed it was gone again. when i asked mom what it was doing rolled up in the basement, she told me that i wasn't supposed to notice it leaving. it's not him i'm mad at.. mom keeps giving away the stuff i like the best, and it makes me pissy.

tomorrow i'm scheduled as HR Head Managment, but i think that means that's the day they want to actually train me to do my job (you know, the one i've been doing for 2 weeks.. as of today!). i bought some stuff today. the stuff is:
-one white shirt that's almost identical to my other white shirts
-two pair black pants, one heavier and one lighter than the pair i have now
-one book by helen fielding (hardcover, i splurged.)
-one roll'o rolaids
-one pack Orbitz sugar free gum (wintermint).
tonight, i am going to read until i'm too tired to, nip into the box (perhaps), and continue reading for a while. parents are gone, and again i felt lost for a minute, until i saw the note explaining where they are. i need new shoes, can't possibly afford anything worth standing around in all day long, 40 hours a week, until next payday. at least i've got more than 2 rotations of work clothes now.. even if they're goodwill. feet hurt.

probably, my eyes could use a bit of rest from the screen anyways. i'll talk to you later :).

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