Wednesday, July 7

walk was nice.. we walked the opposite of our normal route. backwards, if you will. lisa thought it was great, thought i was amazing for coming up with the idea. she's going home to bike, now. i have a suspicion that she's trying to get skinny faster than i am, she's been shocked, because people have commented a few times on me, and she's trying to catch up. i can't really blame her, because the reason i kept motivated, back when we decided we needed to lose weight, was worrying that she'd lose a bunch quicker than me, and then i'd be 'the fat friend'. unacceptable.

we've got a few new songs. they rock.

there was a story i wanted to tell you, i thought of it on our walk, but now i forgot what it was. that makes me sad. but then, i'll probably remember soon enough, and you'll hear it at least once, and read it at least once :).

Do you really feel like there is some weight that needs to be lost, or something that needs toning? Judging from the pictures, I would disagree....

(me)sometimes i do. there's things i need to get taken care of. i know i'm better than i was, i can tell.. but it's not where i wanted to be, when i started. that sounds bad, but it's not, honest. besides, you saw my poofy gut :p.

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