Thursday, July 8

once again, i'm thinking about the roll-over. it would be easier than setting my alarm for early and then snoozing until i'm fairly certain you're awake. but then, i'm a fan of the snooze, so it doesn't matter a whole lot. yes, you called last night, and yes that thing happened, and then i told you what happened after that. cryptic? naw.

i had this feeling when i bought my book yesterday, it was a little sad. i love what we're doing, and it feels very terribly right, but at the same time.. it's hard. i bought the book, and i thought about how i'd have to be away from where i'm sitting right now, to read it. and how i've always loved the feeling of doing my own thing, but knowing that if i turn my head, there's him doing his own thing, 10 feet away. it's a security thing. a comfort thing. it's not exactly financially wise to call and breathe as i'm reading. right?

i'm so conscious of my voice, since the phone started. i didn't realize i sounded so rough, especially in the mornings.

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