Wednesday, July 7

Oooh, I remember

you know what i hate more than anything about girls that my guy friends date? their indifference to me. more than one girlfriend of a guy friend of mine has met me, and never said a word to me. they sit in the distance, and watch me hug and have enthusiastic conversation with their boyfriend, probably tell him to call me, and am really friendly and smile at them, too.. only to get absolutly nothing. no reaction. i find this offesive because the way i look at it, there are some acceptable/understandable ways to act around a girl that's obviously important to a guy you're dating.

- act like she's better than me, and looking down on me, and introduce herself, as "his GIRLFRIEND", and make it obvious where i stand in his life compared to her.

- be overly friendly when he's watching, but then turn viscious or decidedly less friendly when he's not watching. just to make it clear that she's on to whatever game i might be playing (ha!) and she's watching me.

- (this one is my favorite) be nice to me, and mean it. because after all, he saw something great in me, to let me be his close friend for so long. there must be something great about me, because he chose me over all the people he could be friends with. and vice versa. because this is how i treat the girlfriends of my guy friends.. at least, it's how i TRY to, if they're not too busy glaring at me to notice.

the one's i don't understand are the ones who yawn, waiting for the time to leave.

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