Wednesday, August 25

Baseball and Sex

Both topics (together) remind me of a story. Not that story, you perv! The other one, the one about a conversation I had with a friend, a few years ago.

We were sitting around our coffee shop (we being the grind-flies, which reminds me of another story, but let's just stick to one-at-a-time, shall we?), and discussing our friend Harry's sex life. Or lack thereof, which is what led to this exchange (paraphrased, it was years ago, people!):

Harry: blah blah blah, not getting any.. blah blah blah.

Someone Not Me Nor Harry: Oh, man, I was beginning to suspect you played for the other team!

Harry: Naw, dude.. I'm not a switch-hitter.

Me: Actually, when you think about it.. He's been sitting on the bench for quite a while.

Well, sheesh. I didn't say it was comedic gold, or anything. Harry thought it was pretty funny.

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Cleo said...

Ohmigod!!!! You like Mitch too??????

Nirvana was achieved here in Chicago when Mitch, Lewis Black, and Dave Attell performed at the Rosemont. Sheer comic bliss.

"Rice is good to eat. Especially when you want to eat two thousand of something."