Sunday, August 22

Lisa's House

will be amazing. she will make it a palace. she wants everything, and i think she'll get it. she wants riches and security and happiness and love. she will make these things for herself.

i know this because she's got a very good reason behind it all. she grew up in.. lets just say, not the nicest of situations. lots going wrong there, and lots right, too.. but not the money. the money wasn't right. ever. for any of them. it's a sad story, and a happy one, and i'll let her tell you about all of that. but it makes me happy, it helps me to understand.

not only about her, but about other people, too. other people who's situations made them grow into grown-ups that want to have. i know that it's not about greed, or money-grubbing, or materialism, it's about wanting to be secure, and to make sure that the people they love aren't ever as insecure as they were. i love that i have her, that she feels secure in me, as her best friend. and i love that she taught me that, over the years, so that i can share it with you. things are not always what they appear. reasons are almost always more than what they might seem. and i understand at least a part of that part of those people, and that makes me pleased.


Anonymous said...

I always feel like it comes off as greedy and materialistic. Then, I realize that I know why and what it means and what reasons I have for wanting what I want, and I know that the people that love me will understand why. It's all I can hope for and all I really need to hope for.


Cleo said...

Yeah, the ex was like that, too. Took me a while to understand, and then once I did, it made me sad for him. That said, his endless penny-pinching got very very annoying!