Sunday, August 22

The bottom row is Sarah and Phil. Posted by Hello

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sunny said...

This is one of my favorite pictures ever.. I love these people, especially those on the top row (the ones who were origionally supposed to be in the picture. lol.

These are my mom's cousins, and I admired them so much when I was growing up. They influenced how I act, around almost everyone. They gave me something to admire, when I was feeling badly about myself, as a pre-teen. They never made me feel anything less than great about myself, and it's only continued.

Even now, as an adult, these are the women I admire most. They represent a huge variety, a vast span of women, and they all came from the same place, the same parents. It's truly amazing, and they've all inspired me, in a way. Beautiful people, it's a shame that none of them see it in themselves (The guy's pretty cool, too).

I spend the whole time I'm with them, always, trying to show them how wonderful they are. Directly or In- .. I want them to know how much they mean to me, and how much they've helped me grow. As I learn to appreciate myself, I want them to be at ease and content with having shown me how.