Saturday, August 14


sometimes, it's almost too much. sometimes that overwhelming feeling, the panic because i'm so far gone, and want everything to happen, all at the same time, is enough to make me literally feel like i'm about to explode. sometimes, i just want to make you a part of me, because i'm so very much in love. sometimes.

then i take a deep breath, and remind myself that there's so much time. so very much time. time enough for everything, it doesn't all have to happen all at once. i have to remind myself of that a lot, but i think it's because it's all so very wonderful. it's all so much like a movie.

who am i kidding? it's almost too much all of the time. it's always almost too much, and the reminder is always constant.

it's ok, though.. it's all going to be ok. there's all the time in the world to make sure that everything goes ok. and it will, even without my constant supervision. they have so far.. too arrogant of me, to think that they'll all go to hell when i turn my

god i hope it all doesn't disappear one day.. i hope i don't wake up tomorrow with you gone..

deep breaths.. i love you. it's going to be ok.

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