Sunday, August 22

Drink and Cigarette were mom's, she was taking the picture. This is the "fat and ugly" Sarah. Insane? Perhaps.. Ugly? Bullshit. Posted by Hello


sunny said...

That drink isn't mine, I swear. I wasn't about to pay for liquor when there was free beer outside. Sheesh. The cigarette is mom's, too.

Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks she's not ugly?

Cleo said...

Actually, I think she's pretty. Not my type, being female and all that, but still pretty.

sunny said...

Not ashamed, as I said before, to say that she's literally beautiful.. especially since the people she's close to (closest, actually, when you look at it physically) refuse to let her know. When they make it a point to make her feel below par. That's just fucking ridiculous.. even I know that.

Recently very mad about this, so I apologize if it seems like I'm over-zealous in my defending of her.

I just can't stand it when I think of the number of times that I thought I was hideous, and barely acceptable in public.. and I totally sympathize with her. Hope I made her feel better, I truly do. Without making her feel all hit-upon, as I'm just open and want her to feel better. This probably should go into a New Post, not right here. Ok, stopping.