Saturday, August 21

Hangover = Bad

I think the headache comes from trying to remember exactly what happened, and when.. I'm attempting to get rid of it, by simply not worrying about what happened.

ugh, last night was bad. sloppy-wobbly-sunny-bad.

drunken discoveries:
  1. not pregnant (sorry, for those of you who can figure out how i discovered this at the bar, but not, because i don't care if you know. happy to know i'm not, though. even if i had to make-shift it all night long).
  2. Sarahs hung out all night. well, for the beginning of the night. It's not the same without the H. That's for sure.
  3. Sarah and Sarah used to work for the same boss! In appleton (after Sarah's boss quit to work at hooters, Sarah worked with him. he's at the green bay hooters, now). Sarah also used to work with Melanie, whom Sarah worked with at Buffalo Wild Wings. Craziness!
  4. Steve is a fuckheadshitpants asshole. Making Sarah feel that bad about herself. Still can't believe she doesn't know how gorgeous she is. But then.. I didn't, either, when people kept telling me I wasn't.
  5. Labor Day weekend, made preliminary plans to hang out with Sarah. Friday night. Still hoping I won't be alone, but it's ok if i am.
  6. I don't.. despite my trust in the thought.. I don't actually know when to stop. Mom says there's just something in the air, some nights. I think it's more about the free beer, than the air, but I really didn't want to argue with logic that makes me sound that not-guilty.
  7. Need to buy light-up heel shoes from Payless! Holy crap, sheila, them's some hot shoes! I was always a little jealous of the little kid light-up shoes. Now they're making them in 8's. Woo-Hoo!
  8. Sharon and Phil (it's one L, according to the wedding favor that I managed to swipe last night, unbenownst to.. myself) will be happy. I can't wait to show you guys some pictures.

Anyone else reading this blog think that I'm as terrible at following my own advice as I do? Thought not. Carry on.

Me? I'm off to the couch, to wait for a few calls that might be coming, and to watch some romantic comedies. Don't make fun of me, they're good for hangovers. Easy on the brain.

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inediblehulk said...

Been there for a while myself, as of now...nothing beats a hangover like shrooms do, though...just a thought..