Wednesday, August 25

-but pleased, too, beyond belief. i believe we've got a great state, a great place to live, but it's not always seen as that. happy, because i think that anywhere would probably be just as good, if i were there. happy that i make your ideal place ideal. happier, that Anytown, you could make your ideal. :) i would be happy, too, i think, moving. not as happy, of course, because i need to be close. you've already moved away, and still kept close. that makes me glad - because i know it won't be a struggle, so much. 700 is 700 too many.

-you feel correctly, on all accounts. even the sprint account. (though not as much) i love you. feel like i have for eversolong. i like to tell you stories in that way, i think you appreciate the ending even more. i'll let you in on a secret. if the ending were bad, i'd tell you that first. Shh.. don't spread that around.

-there's a giant fly buzzing around. it's making that grosser-than-gross bug noise that the really slow flies make. ewww..

-i love you, and ive never felt anything like you make me feel it.

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Anonymous said...

You're right about the stories and the way you tell them, and no, i wont spread it around.

you're the reason it IS ideal.

700 is way too much.

I'm glad you understood what I said to you via IM that might just have inspired this post.