Saturday, August 21

Comfort Foods

note to self: if you can swing it, always always flirt with the guy at the grocery store. helps, if it's a manager, too.

jesus pete! i walked around there all stupified and hangover-y for 20 minutes, when all i had to do was go to richard and ask him where stuff was. eventually figured it out. v. helpful, having enthusiastic tour-guide at the grocery store. here is a list of what i bought, a good list of my favorite foods, too, i noticed. somehow, i buy the best stuff when i'm hungover. it's really great, because now i have this shit on hand, later. right now, there's no way i can eat all of it - dunno what i was thinking, so random, lol. shopping for one thing, and ending up with a week's worth of food. hangover grocery shopping rocks.

oh yeah, the list of what i got:
  • hollandaise sauce packet (2) (knorr brand, the mccormick stuff sorta sucks, knorr is much better)
  • country gravy with sausage (shit, forgot to get any biscuits... wonder if it's good on english muffins? i bet it is!)
  • hormel chilli (turkey, no beans) (richard told me where to find it)
  • jacks pepperoni pizza (2) (because it says in my calorie book that the pepperoni has less than just straight-up cheese, and i figure that if i get the pepperoni, and take off the pepperonis, it'll be even less.. my theory is that when it's only cheese, they load it on, but when there's a topping, they skimp out a little bit, thus the fewer calories.. why pepperoni? well, because it's easiest to pick off, pre-oven, of course!)
  • 2 liter diet dr pepper (free with purchase of two pizzas, which is why i got two pizzas)
  • canadian bacon (upon recommendation from richard, got the larger package of more genuine-looking canadian bacon, for less money. rock!)
  • vermicelli (skinniest spaghetti, because the thicker the noodles, the more they remind me of worms)
  • eggs (12, jumbo) (because it's most likely of all sizes of eggs that the jumbo ones have double yolks, and it's nifty-cool to crack an egg, and know that it could have been twin chickens :D)

the hormel chilli goes on the noodles. my dad called it "Chilli Con Carne" when he made it up, when i was 8. still one of my brother and i's favorite comfort foods.

the hollandaise goes on the eggs, goes on the canadian bacon, goes on the english muffins (that i had at home already, and actually remembered - i'm the best!), goes on the plate. mmm, eggs benedict (i'm watching The Prince & Me, and they keep taunting me with them, so i went to the store. now that i'm home, i'm cooking a pizza - muchos easier on hangover head, than preparing eggs benedict).

and the aforementioned gravy will go on the aforementioned english muffins. make-shift muffins and gravy.

what are your favorite comfort foods?


B said...

canned ravioli
lion's choice
old school mush and swiss from hardees
sushi sometimes.
oysters if im in the mood.

sunny said...

Canned ravioli is the bomb, baby. Love it. Chef Boyardee, all the way.

Cucumbers? I'll have to tell my dad that one.

I missed a few of mine: clam chowder (the white kind), and Pick'n Save mashed potatoes (with the light gravy). mmmm.

makojeep95 said...

Spaghetti with Ragu sauce

any seafood

a nice rare filet mignon

gummy candies - any kind - esp sour ones

dr. pepper in a can - only way to drink it!

dill pickles - gotta be Kosher though!

butterscotch pudding!!

Cleo said...

-stroganoff Hamburger Helper

-my mom's pumpkin cake roll

-cheese fries (with real cheese, not that processed nachoey crap)

-KFC chicken, any of the fried kind

-pot roast

-chai tea

-fresh Dungeness crab legs

Jess said...

grilled cheese
mom's lasagna
vanilla yogurt

B said...

Love my mom's crockpot pizza.
love cam's lasagna
love my chicken ramen.