Tuesday, August 31


It's a wonderful city. Reminded me so much of Paris, and Minneapolis, all at once. I really enjoyed my stay. I'd love to go back someday, and visit the things that I missed out on, like the lakefront, and the things that I opted out of, due to time constraints, like the CN Tower.

[Glass elevators rock, by the way. Awesome. My family went to Manitowoc one Easter weekend, when I was 12. My brother and I spent the entire time we were staying at the hotel going up and down [the elevator] the by the pool.. it was all glass. Got in trouble for it a few times, too.]

Toronto was amazing, the sites, the sounds. We did a lot of things that I've never even thought about doing (and no, I'm not talking about harrassing foreign cab drivers). Everyone was generous beyond belief, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Niagra Falls is spectacular. So powerful, all the water and the noises (thank you inhal, you made me appreciate the sound of it).. and the people. There were so many people. I loved that it was raining, that I was completely surrounded by water. It touched something in me. Made me all crazy.. yeah, that's what made me take off my shirt.

The laid-back attitude of the people in Toronto was really something that seemed too good to be true. Everyone was friendly beyond belief, and it refreshed me. It was a far cry from being at work, that's for sure. I can't believe how relaxing the whole experience was for me.

The people I went there to meet, though, it was them that made the experience all that it was. It's funny to meet someone and realize that you really have known them for over a year. It's funnier when they turn out to be exactly what you always knew they were, and best yet when they are so much more than you realized they would be. Thank you Pebbs, for making me dance, and for adopting me. Thank you Isk, for planning and totally contributing to a trip that I'll always remember. Thank you Inhal, for not pretending to be anything you weren't, and being honest - and your real self. Thank you Cow, for being as amazing (and more) than I ever would have hoped. Thank you Race, for bringing me, for letting me sleep over, and for being so much better in person, all around, than I thought you could be. Thanks everyone, for talking to my B, and letting him get to know you. Thanks for the goodbye hugs. Thank you B, for listening to the wild stories, as they happened.

Thank you Me, for everything you've let me do, even though you were scared shitless. Thank you for being yourself, completely, and fuckall to those who won't appreciate you. Thank you for taking off your shirt at the Falls, just because you knew you'd regret it if you didn't.

Thank you guys, for egging me on, and making me. Can't wait for pictures to get developed.

Everyone get Hello, and then email me your screennames, so I can show you my pictures (once they get developed). That's an order.

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