Sunday, August 15


the blog has been irritating me today.. seems like nothing is going quite the way i want it to, and i can't figure out why. spazzing out on me. grr.

i wanted to tell you guys about some things that made me laugh, and one more thing that really really made me laugh, when i remembered it (thanks bruce, for reminding me! even if you didn't mean to).

now i just forgot what it was that i remembered, because i was busy gushing about how it was great to remember. Princess B, i totally (totally!) sympathize with your feeling old, when you're not. ditto, chica. also, if you read this (not sure if you do or not, you've never commented.. if you do, feel free to comment!), i wanted to ask you how you type and put audio in the same post the way that you do - i want to be able to do that!


it'll come back to me, i know.. just give me a minute to think...

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