Tuesday, August 17

I Need a Sign

we were listening in the car, and not to make anyone paranoid, but here's a few helpful hints as read by the dj, re: how to tell if sig other is cheating.

for women: if your man starts talking about "quality time", and he never did in the past.

for men: if your woman starts wearing her wedding ring more than she did in the past, or starts being "unusually attentive".

just thought it was interesting, mainly because i've suspected all along.

and right after that news brief, this song started playing.. the one that starts out, "I need a sign!" beautiful thinking on the dj's part, if he meant it that way.. somehow, i think he did.

reminded me and lisa of that time we were making great songs about farts, and we were brainstorming good songs to rewrite to be about farting, and that song started playing.. also realized tonight that we're probably the only people in the world who really really brainstormed, one night when drunk, and came up with at least 5 songs that would be GREAT, about passing gas.


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