Sunday, August 22

Here's another think to have you thunk about:

What can't you eat, that you used to be able to?

one of mine is avacados, in any form. if i get enthusiastic questions, and responces, i'll maybe tell you why.


B said...

Mine is backwards. I used to be allergic to fruit, but I'm not anymore. Milk used to do me in as well. This was all when I was very young. Now, I can eat anything.

I went through a phase where I couldnt eat peanut butter because my Dad told me that the food companies allowed a certain amount of mice that crawled around the factories to fall into the peanut butter without throwing out the batches.

Cleo said...

Hot dogs. When my parents got divorced, that was about all my dad could cook. So I ate lots and lots and lots of hot dogs. Can't stand them now...

Jess said...

Hazelnuts/Hazelnut flavored anything. I guess I used to be able to eat hazelnut, but I'm not sure that I actually sought out hazelnut products to consume. However, that changed when I was about 15 or 16. I mixed up some hazelnut flavored cappucino and sat down with my mom to watch a movie. About 20 minutes after I drank it, my face started to itch and I had red welts popping out all over me. HIVES! That was the last time I tasted hazelnut. Except for New Years when I accidently put a hazelnut chocolate in my mouth. I spit it out in time, though.


Caffiene. Can't have it at all. My DR. said it was part of what was contributing to my heart palpitations, which I only get during one my mild anxiety attacks. Thanks, college, for turning me into a nervous idiot! Thankfully, in the post-undergradute world, I have them much less frequently.