Sunday, August 15

In Milwaukee (Lisarisms)

we were having a discussion, wherein i said something about everyone around us going in a certain direction, and how i felt vaguely upset about following them - told her i felt like i was in an after school special (you know, the one where they lecture everyone by saying, "If everybody else jumped off a cliff...").. but only because we were going in that direction specifically because we figured that it must lead somewhere, everyone else was going that way..

so i got about to the point in my explanation of the disquiet feeling i was having where i said, "If everybody else jumped off a cliff.." and lisa said, "I always hated that. i probably would jump off the fucking cliff. if everyone else is thinking it's the best option, i'd be hard-pressed to sit and deduce for myself that it's time to jump. Also, if I'm going to be the only one in the whole world that didn't jump.. I'm the only survivor of the lemming-debaucle? That would totally suck. I think I'll jump, when the time comes."

she's got a very valid point.

i'm sure i'd have to question what all the comotion was about, before i took the plunge.. and i might die a very painful death as a result.

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B said...

I would want to think about it. Not because I wouldnt jump, but because I would want to know that I had that choice and I could have gone the other way as I smash into whatever is waiting below me.