Tuesday, August 17

Bingo High

well, it was a musical, magical night. our lucky day, apparently. i got a lucky (pink) dauber, for free. awesome. also, lisa came home with $249.. $219 profit. spectacular. i won (i actually won!) on moniter-bingo.. impossible, you say? it's not, and i'm living proof. along with the other 4 people who got $9.o0 for their toils. we had to split it :(. but it's all good. when lisa won $200, i said, "Awesome!.. can i have twenty bucks?" and since we have a bingo-understanding, she was very generous, and let me have it. wonderful.

(moniter-bingo is when someone yells bingo, and the number you need to win is up next, and you can see it in the screen.. but also know that you won't be winning. the impossible was made possible, tonight. by someone who can't tell when they have bingo, and shouted it sparatically. there were four (4!) invalid bingo yells, tonight. it made everything very exciting.)

i prematurely daubed the wrong number, spawning this fine musical parody: "Shoulda known better.. than to daub it wrong that waa-aay.."

out of nowhere, lisa started singing a song that i've made the tune of many a thing, in the past.. think i've even put it to the tune of bingo, once before: "Bingo in the mornin', bingo in the evenin', bingo at supper-time..." i love it. put to use in an entirely opposite tone of voice, when lisa realized that the caller was more likely singing it that way. happily, we can sing both of our "works" in that tune, too, in that ugly tone of voice. Good Times. try it grumbly, it's really even more funny, that way. "Kmart in the morning, Kmart in the evening, Kmart at supper-time..". too funny.

we were discussing the caller getting a tip, and how there's no way she should expect one on my nine dollar winnings.. and this was put to fine (new) use: "You got another think comin'.."

sung to the tune of a starbucks commercial song about a man named ray, when we didn't get bingo, and thought we were close: "Damn. Damn-damn-damn. Damn, damn, damn.."

lisa is concerned, she wants to know your thoughts on double-dipping, because if she's ever (theoretically) a guest, in any of your abodes, she wants to know the prefered policy. it's a slightly big issue, because (although we generally comply with our host's policy re:DDing, we also think that deep down, it's a waste of a good thing to eat, if you can't dip as much as you'd like.

there are a few things that people generally yell out, for amusement, when you play bingo. when (1) is called, you almost always hear a (2), from somewhere. EG:

(1) B-4
(2) After!

(1) B-9
(2) Malignant!

and so on. it's amusing, it creates a sense of cohesion in the bingo hall family. lisa totally fucked up, and said, "Malignant! (quietly, to me, lol)" after B-4 was called. much to my amusement, she gave a defensive look to my questioning one. i had to explain why she was wrong, and then she felt all silly. crazy fun.

when she won, she got all excited and flushed, and she shook, and i laughed at her. then, when i won, she got to laugh at me, for the same thing. it was highly amusing.

the ride home was great, too.

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