Tuesday, August 17

so many problems and issues today.. but i think they all got resolved, and we resolved some of the carry-over problems that have been plaguing my brain.

KS called, and was surprised to find out that i remembered exactly what she was talking about, when she mentioned the anniversary card she'd purchased yesterday, and was able to tell her that i'd put it in the prescription bag.. it was good that i remembered, and good that she knows where to look (under the spaghetti, in the garbage in the kitchen), bad because (the spaghetti, obviously) i woke up last night, having a nightmare where i remembered that i'd forgotten to tell her as i was doing it, that the card would be in there. i wanted to avoid this situation altogether, and instead ended up thinking, "i should tell her where it is", and didn't actually take the step to get the words out of my mouth. good, though, because she was impressed that she didn't have to explain very much.

a few other issues that have been being issues were taken care of, too.. some stuff with insurance. PA's plague me, now. luckily, one of them, at least, isn't my fault. it's the Dr, and the Dr's assistant's problem. also, good that i remembered the exact circumstances in which i made it really easy for the Doctor to do what she had to do, and called to check to make sure everything had been recieved, to make the process very simple (held the doc's hand through the process, basically).. assistant said that yes, indeed, it had been recieved, and she'd make sure the doctor took care of it ASAP. today, they're claiming to never have recieved the fax. good that my memory is specific about the events, so that i can be more convincing (while being nice, always being nice) than the assistant (who was also probably a little less nice). it's good when i know that something was handled, and done well. better, sometimes, when i know that the reason it was handled, and done so well is because of myself.

mailed out some prescriptions to a woman, and called her back (risking her yelling, perhaps), only to have her be very nice, and understanding.. again, i think it had to do with my tone of voice, and my over-developed-sense-of-empathy. it's good, when that works in my favor.

lots of brain usage today. bingo tonight, with lisa and justin (justin's a maybe).. it ends around 10-10:30? if we win, there may be celebrations. if we lose, we might need a few self-pity rounds. we'll see. it depends on how broke we feel.

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B said...

You're very soothing. It helps when you're like that plus a dash of empathy and a hearty helping of sweetness. All those qualities and more won me over.