Thursday, August 26

Things to Pack

  • birth certificate (both versions)
  • drivers liscence
  • debit card
  • flight confirmation
  • swimming suit
  • breed sweatshirt (thanks isk, for the recommendation)
  • hotel shirt (comfort)
  • breed tshirt (pajamas)
  • jeans (2 pr) (felt like that guy with the bad song for typing that)
  • shoes (look through shoes, only bring 2 pr, for pete's sake!) (that's for me, so i limit myself)
  • necklace (2)
  • makeup (don't bring EVERYTHING)
  • shirt (4)
  • skirt (2)

i think that's about it.. if i think of anything, or if anyone else knows what i should take to canada, let me know, ok? OH!:

  • FILM
  • socks (?# pr, as i dont actually like wearing them, and probably won't touch them the whole time i'm there)



Cleo said...

I think you should take B, too. Just an idea. ;)

Anonymous said...

B likes that idea :)

sunny said...

:) Unfortunately, the B can't fit in my carry-on, which is the only luggage i'm taking.

PS: Dad was all puffy and proud, when i showed him my luggage, and told him it was because of him. Goal? Accomplished.