Sunday, August 8

Everything is gonna be alright

it's ok, it's good, it's great, it's amazing, because it was meant to happen this way.

it might hurt a little, or a lot, or be unbearable, but it's ok. it's temporary.

i've got this little dream in my head, that i'll keep for a while, probably longer than i want to keep it there, of that house.. the one i was talking about. Neenah is great. Loads of good memories there - the ones from the past.

i'm so glad i'm able to give (and give and give) and have myself be appreciated. i'm more glad that now, unlike before, i'm able to take, because taking makes things sweeter sometimes. not as sweet as that stuff, but sweet enough to be right. i can't even really say the right things, right now. i'm at ease.

i'll tell lisa about that bad thing that happened, and see what she's got to say about this continuing, but i'm pretty sure we know where we stand until then.

to the friend: i ate captain morgan wings last night, and in case everyone else forgets to tell you, i did it in honor of you. everyone else found it fitting.

blue moon is ok, if you're in the mood. miller lite is good, but it's not as good as it is when it makes you drunk. maybe it's better. point white biere is good, i like it. much better than leinies original, but dad'll appreciate that i didn't appreciate it.

swimming is amazing, i forgot how much i like it. i forget all the time. need to do it more often, enjoy the feeling of being surrounded, and warm, and free, and that vague sensation that i might drown.

glad for the mutual "S/he's funny" comment, it makes a difference. glad for the last thing that happened, and we probably have a few pictures to show for your efforts. everything happened when i was 16, except for when it happened again when i was 24.

if i'd have known what i know now, we could have skipped all the bullshit. glad you don't warn everyone, though, you deserve for them not to know.

you're 1/2 hour away right now, and all i can think about is driving down there and doing that really funny thing.


inediblehulk said...

Whoa...drunk much? Well, as long as it makes sense to someone...:)

sunny said...

shut up, freak, i wasn't drunk. for once. bastard.

plus, i'm sure bruce will understand. :)

B said...

I know what you're talking about. Makes sense to me. I like that dream. I really liked it when you told me about it.

Are you talking about the eye stabbing or the other bad thing?

Capt Morgan appreciates your patronage.

Drinking miller just to drink it - not so great.

going to that place was great. I wasnt cold the entire time. once i got warm, it was even better. i can understand why it draws you in.