Thursday, August 12

seems that sometimes, a favorite place can be made so much better by the company you have when you're there. the place is amazing, and wonderful, and it still holds some of my best memories ever.. and now one more.

being able to lead you into that water (that's much, much too cold for someone from missouri), was great.. seeing your face, and knowing that you were freezing, but that you trusted me that it would get better - enough to follow me in there, regardless, that was wonderful. holding your hand, and leading you through the waves, and watching you watch those people on the water, "Like in a wooden chair, or like in a lounge chair..?" was so incredibly beautiful. hearing you say (even if it was a lie, lol) that the water felt good after a while, was something i'd been hoping for.

taking you around, showing you all the sights (sites), and telling you those stories was one of the most important things i've ever done. i think that's why the headache came, because i knew how much it meant to me, and it was so overwhelming that you understood, as well.

the ride home was pretty cool, too. ;)

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Anonymous said...

how could I not trust you? I saw the look on your face that told me how much you loved this place and what it meant to you. For that reason, it meant even more to me. I wanted you to know that it was important to me too, freezing cold water or not. I would go back in a second.

It did warm up after I was in it for a while, but I wonder if that had more to do with being close to you than anything else.