Wednesday, August 11

Silly Lady

at work today, threw a temper-tantrum at us, making us all look terribly incompetant. i hate that. we're not. when there are 6 people at the counter, all blustering and impatient and upset, and all having problems, it's the one with the sick 8 year old who just got released from the hospital and needs his medication that will take precidance. sorry, lady, them's the breaks.

i felt like the guy in Clerks today.. trying to do what i was there to do, on my day off, and getting called aside constantly to fix the problems and run buffer between the frustrated people and the angry people (you can guess which ones were which.. they both apply to both). "and i wasn't even supposed to BE here today!" tomorrow, i fear, will be more of the same, except i'm going to be the person actually supposed to be there, and so i can't run off and escape to my own little world when i need to.

my emotions are all crazy today, i'm hoping that there's a reason behind it, for many reasons. i know that part of it is just a need that i have, that i got to experience a few days ago.. for a little while. i'm sad, today, that things can't be how they should. it might get worse before it gets better. all i know is.. i can't wait for that.

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