Thursday, August 12


sunny: they can probably fix that with drugs
n: so, if your curious, what my symptom is called is proptosis as for now, its all over the internet
sunny: and/or minor surgery
sunny: does it hurt?
n: right, we are hoping so
p: gotcha
sunny: drugs can do lots of stuff.
n: it did and then last night, the pain went away
sunny: hopefully it's good, and it doesn't just mean all the nerves are dead
sunny: ok, that wasn't as much of a happy thought as i wanted it to be
sunny: look at it this way, honey
n: the good thing is, the onset is typically to fast for a neoplasm, which is either benign or cancerous tumors
sunny: if worst comes to worst, you'll wear an eyepatch cause you lost an eye.. and what chick doesn't dream of dating a pirate?
n: I already ran that scenario today sunny
p: exactly sunny
sunny: awesome
sunny: did you get all the chicas?
n: lol..well, could be dead I guess
p: race will really be fighting the women off then
sunny: even more, pebbs.. even MORE
p: lol
n: I am supposed to be leaving for LA tomorrow, but I am waiting approval from the dr
p: or he could get himself a glass eye
p: lol
sunny: and have a neato party trick
sunny: lmao
n: pop it out in the bar?
p: hell yeah
p: and put in your buddies beer
n: hey babe, wanna wash my eye
p: there ya go
n: now thats a woman getter
sunny: it'd be like that one pingpong thing
sunny: only better, cause it goes in your HEAD later.
p: lmao


B said...

I used to know a girl. She had a glass eye. It was pretty neat. She actually gave me her extra. That's pretty special, when someone gives you their glass eye. I think I gave it to someone more deserving than I.

sunny said...

now, that's love.