Monday, August 9

When do the six days expire?

here's what my month looks like.. i'll try to make it as realistic as possible:

1-3: working a lot.. not much else.
4: out with grady, good times.
5: out collecting debt/playing dice. crazy fun.
6-9: Heaven.
10-12: working a lot.. again.
13-14: up north, corn roast on 14th. good times.
15: off work, hella hangover.
16-20: work a lot. woo-hoo.
21: Tim and Kristen's wedding. :) see a bunch of old friends, have great time, etc.
22: hangover. great.
23-26: work a lot, and pack for toronto. probably do all the pack thing on the 26th, or 27th waaaay to early.
27-30: toronto, hope it'll be fun, hope i don't get murdered, etc.

and then for: Labor Day
Hang out with Misty and family and friends, go rafting. should be amazing fun.

anything after this is sort of up for grabs. reserve your time now :).


B said...

You're a busy busy girl. lots going on, but that's a good thing, really. are you flying up 27th? set in stone? fun in canada might be better than fun in ol'USA.

So Labor day is taken, eh? hrmmmmmmmmm.....time to create a plan "b", i suppose. :)


sunny said...

yup yup. flying green bay to detroit to toronto, tentative arrival, 11:35 am on august 27.

departure on august 30 (monday), 4:29 pm, toronto to detroit to green bay.

all on northwest. if anyone cares :)

B said...

Going all alone?

sunny said...

so far..